Shop at over 800 online retailers.

Our toolbar tracks the deals for you, so you never miss a chance to earn cash back.

Trigger the toolbar alert

When you see it while surfing a participating retailer, you know you're just clicks away from saving.

Earn your cash back rewards

Simply click to activate your cash back then shop and save.

How It Works

1. Download & Install

It's safe, secure, and really easy to use. Download and Install to your browser, and let the toolbar find the deals for you.

2. Surf the Web for Savings

Once installed, shop online at your favorite retailers. When surfing a site in the network, a savings alert will appear in the left corner of your browser to remind you there is a current offer available. Click on the alert to open the toolbar.

3. View and Activate Offers

Activate the current offer by clicking on the toolbar. Then, just shop the site and earn cash back. That's it! Your savings will be placed in your account automatically. You can also use the toolbar to view and select current coupons to apply to your order, set favorites, and check your account earnings.

Installation Guide

Once installed, the next time you visit one of your favorite merchant sites looks for the toolbar tab in the upper left corner. If it's there, click it!

You will then see the toolbar with all of your options to help you earn Cash Back when you shop.

You may now notice the toolbar button in your browser bar. Click this button to access the "Options" page which gives you more detailed access to your account.

If you see this symbol in your browser bar, it means you are not signed into the site and we can not track your shopping. Just click the button, and follow the instructions to sign in and start shopping and saving.

On the options page you can turn the toolbar on or off. You can also check your account earnings balance, manage your favorite stores list, and view lists of your most recent merchant visits and purchases.


To install and use the toolbar, you need to be a registered member and signed in.


NOTE: By installing you accept our End User Agreement below.